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BTC Oyate Project

BTC Oyate Project Concept The Concept for this project is to test Bitcoins true market viability by introducing it to a economically impoverished area, and education the local community in regards to 2 elements, 1.) BTC Exchanges and trading, understanding how market volatility works and how it can be good for the overall industry. 2.) Payment Processing and merchant acceptance The Target location is the Pine Ridge Indian reservation, this location was selected for two main reasons, one is it's long standing history of economic hardship and poverty. Also it's unique political status as a Sovereign nation, this would insulate it from outside federal regulations and the issues surrounding that. This will allow the Oglala Lakota Tribal nation to freely explore a BTC based market and can determine what, if any, regulations should be imposed in order to maintain a free market and consumer security at the same time -

Launched Date: 2014-01-04 | Member: Kimitsugroup | Type: Project

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